Project Details:

Program: Detached House

Status: Built,

Design Team: John Mainwaring

Project Team: Peter Leeds, Garth Hollindale, Jessica McConochie



RAIA QLD Chapter 2008, Regional Commendation



Canal House 2 located in a sub-urban, sea-change inhabited canal estate, is a continuation of JMA’s continuing experiments designing for the Sub-tropics and has strong links with John Mainwaring’s own house (Canal House 1 -1994) built on the same street. Canal House 2 has Southern views over the water opposing a Northerly aspect to the street. Attenuating strong Southerly winds whilst still allowing transparency to the water was of paramount importance, as was creating a protected outdoor space to exploit the benefits of the climate.

To this end sleeping pods, bathrooms and laundry are stacked over two storeys on the western side of the site, insulating the long clear spaced living/ kitchen/ dining pavilion which maintains visual access to the water and a north facing courtyard. The western two storey part of the house is shielded by an insulated folded roof/wall with minimal fenestration.

By detaching the garage with a separate granny-flat above from the main house, a breezeway is created through a north facing courtyard. Entry threshold, anteroom and communal living space are brought together in the courtyard. A sheltered entry gate to the courtyard has replaced the traditional front door, and once inside the gate, the transparency of the house and view to the water to the south is obvious.