Project Details

Program: Detached House

Status: Built

Design Team: John Mainwaring, Fran Somerville


RAIA QLD Chapter 2001, Sunshine Coast Regional Commendation

RAIA QLD Chapter 2001, Sunshine Coast Region House of the Year  

RAIA QLD Chapter 2001, Residential Building New House Award



The whole block of land acts as the first floor level of the house, whether floor area, courtyards or indoor/outdoor spaces. A robust 'red rock' base becomes 'wall' or 'fence' alike and acts as an urban privacy, acoustic and security base for the light-weight, roof articulated upper storey. An 'L' shaped plan acts as a protector to the SE yet still allows adjustable transparency/aspect to the North and views of the environment park to the South. All rooms in the single cell, linear plan have access to Northerly courts using 'non walls' and adjustable fenestration. Concept wise the house consists of longitudinal zones of transparency. The kitchen forms a pivot or epicentre between the 'toe' and 'leg' thus expressing the fact that the kitchen is a meeting place or focus. The linear procession of living cells consist of kids alcoves or 'cubby houses', 'aupair' room, laundry, bathroom and 'guest tower' so guests can come and go without affecting the residents of the house proper. Upstairs the master bedroom zone is a small 'flat' complete with retreat, ensuite, study, comfortable robes - all designed to act as a separate living area - to get away from the 'maddening hoardes' below.