Project Details

Program: Detached House

Status: Built

Design Team: John Mainwaring, Paolo Denti, Ralph Wheeler, Catherine Sinnamon, Peter Leeds


RAIA QLD Chapter 2004, Gold Coast Regional Commendation

RAIA QLD Chapter 2004, High Commendation Residential Buildings



Situated on a long thin beachfront site at Casuarina Beach the house consists of four distinct components. The ocean facing double storey verandah pavilion' is separated from a fibro sleeping box' by a translucent box that contains the entry, vertical circulation and access to the various spaces within the house. The translucent wafer filling' also provides natural light to the basically introverted, darker sleeping pod on one side and living spaces on the other. The fourth component is a carport that faces the street. The client was encouraged not to include a garage door so that the holiday recreational activities around storage access car boots etc provides an Australian version of the corny American new urbanist verandah acting as a street activator. After all the aspect is straight west. The fully insulated sleeping box also separates the living pod from afternoon heat load and street privacy problems. Both levels of the verandah pavilion provide large outdoor areas protected from the blustering South East weather.