Project Details

Program: 60 Units

Status: Built

Client: Property Solutions

Design Team: John Mainwaring, Paolo Denti



RAIA 2005 Regional Commendation, Mixed Use Resort



Based on the idea of the original coastal holiday village the Precinct is an integrated village not an introverted “gated” resort.  The simple linear master plan layout contains accommodation, recreational and commercial facilities sitting either side of the ‘village laneway’. In a “new urbanist” sense this pedestrian/vehicular, shared precinct stitches into the surrounding grid. The integrated, mixed-use village allows patrons and surrounding residents access to facilities including a multi purpose hall, reminiscent of the old seaside town hall of yesteryear. Surf culture is inherent in the design and functionality the village. This social gathering hub gives the small holiday resort and residential enclave a heart and strong identification from the surrounding roads. Shared bikeways, walkways and vehicular connections lead to neighbouring residences, sports ovals, parks and the beach.  Besides facing North/North East, the villas have a dual aspect by addressing the laneway with balcony and prominent courtyard entrances. The project is egalitarian and multi demographic, located next to the highway, unlike the emergence of the “elitist resort”, located beside the ocean. Success relies on surrounding residential patronage and visitors as much as holiday units within the precinct.