Our fundamental belief that architectural and urban design on the East Coast of Australia must take its own direction as part of the Pacific Western rim, balancing built Asian and European cultural influences. Shifts within the Architectural fabric include the vibrancy and muscle of heavy components juxtaposing the lungs of lightweight structures.


At HMA we deplore imported styles and artificial real estate values. Our basic attributes are in response to site, vista and climate. Spatial dynamics and function are primarily of more importance than form. Architecture consists of a series of spaces created by a composite of varying materials, surfaces, landscape, environment and view lines. These elements combine vertically and horizontally, adding a fourth dimension to the experience of the user.

There is a conscious effort to blur the inside and outside spaces so that the special configuration suits flexibility, climate and thermal requirements. Many buildings produced by JMA do not require air conditioning. Form dynamics or tectonics often express the function of roof and wall planes allowing the intrusion and diffusion of light, at the same time giving privacy and acknowledgement to the inhabitants and neighbours.