Project Details:

Program:                5 Detached Dwellings
Status:                     Built
Client:                      Viridian Noosa Pty Ltd (Leighton Properties + Ariadne JV)
Project Team:       John Mainwaring, Peter LeedsPaolo Denti, Garth Hollindale, Jessica McConchie


RAIA QLD 2006, Sunshine Coast Regional Commendation



We sought to relate Eden to the hierarchy of grain evident at a macro and micro scale evident throughout West End, and also to the wider subtropical context. The scale of Eden steps down from Commercial to residential – to the point where ground floor units have courtyard gardens addressing the public realm in a traditional townhouse fashion.

This visual connection with context and sense of place within and around the site is further enhanced by the use of the landscaped “urban Breezeway” that acts as the buildings access spine and contributes to the permeable grain and “alleyways” of the masterplan. Users are not able to leave or enter the building without being aware of the sub tropical environment that is an intrinsic part of SEQ culture - lush atrium landscaping contrasts the hard edge urban location.